lucky how

Today is a fun day to dig out the least hideous green stitch in your closet, recall the days when you made it out to a bar on a "school night", and think about luck. At work, we think about luck in terms of a chance meeting with a prospective client, the inside scoop what a hiring manager is really looking for (usually not technical skills), or finding a Starbucks gift card in your wallet with $9.87 still on it.  Awesome.

Another way people talk about luck is in the context of job happiness-- "I'm so lucky to have found this job, this team, this client assignment because I'm feeling really good about the work I'm doing. " Luck is characterized as unplanned and definitely un-manipulated. But is there a way to set yourself up to invite more luck in?  I think so.

Job happiness is inextricably linked to how we work—not what we do. When we're feeling restless at work, we assume it's a what issue and say things such as, "I just haven't found my calling, or purpose, or reason to keep coming in and putting up with this craziness!"

In fact, we spend so much time exploring our passions and researching worthy causes that it's become a niche industry unto itself. There are a sea of books, coached processes, and retreats all aimed at finding the what.  The reality is that there are so many to choose from any one of them would be awesome.

So, instead of chasing after something so elusive or hoping it just finds us—we need to look at how we work, evaluate what is causes us to slow down, get stuck, or accept a non-update update.  We need to end the distractions, the chaos, the confusion, and infuse focus into our days.  We do that through attacking the how—not the what. Good luck.