better next week

Shiver. It's still cold, cold, cold here in DC. How are you? How was your week? Mine was good-- some steady progress on a couple of projects and a big WOW from a client on another that still has me beaming. I'm extra proud of my team and their unwavering commitment to trying new things and creating beautiful, meaningful products.

Here are a couple of my favorite articles from the week.  

  • This message came across so loud and clear with me that Stew Friedman might as well have been reading it into a megaphone next to my desk. One to read, think about, reread, then make some changes.
  • The proposed federal pay raise seems like a lot of fuss over a itty bitty percentage but, of course, it adds up across the federal workforce. Isn't there a way to reinvest some of the funds unspent due to retirements in revamping parts (or all!) of the hiring, grading, and promotion process-- or even to set some strategic goals?
  • Many are on a quest to improve public speaking skills and will try anything-- evidence of that phenomenon here. Improv camp might not be desirable or realistic for most of us but there are some solid tips to take-away.

Enjoy and have a great weekend!