better next week, vacation edition

We're closing out a chilly, sunshine-y ski vacation in Colorado. It's been a great trip to clear my head on a number of fronts. Here are a couple of things I've been reading and reflecting on this week.

  • Professional coaching is a perq most often offered formally as we grow within our organizations and informally through project managers and mentor circles when we're new. Ed Batista share some ways of working with each other in this piece that would help integrate the best of coaching into all of our professional interactions.  Good stuff.
  • Something has been lost in the tug-of-war between titling managers versus leaders. We need both, we need to be both, and the trend to grow and encourage leadership should run in parallel with the same development emphasis for management. This is an interesting piece in that it helps define these terms and traits which is helpful as we try to pinpoint exactly what we want to see in our colleagues, staff, and executives.
  • Updated guidelines on nutrition don't have much to do with organizational impact but what's interesting is the ability of research and popular opinion to push long-awaited updates to federal food recommendations. An example that it's OK to change positions when we know more.

Have a great weekend!