reframing organizational impact

Passing Time 5  , by Allison Long Hardy

Passing Time 5, by Allison Long Hardy

This short read provides practical advice on putting our experiences into context for readers for greater impact.  Laszlo Bock (exec in charge of people operations at Google-- and coolest sounding HR guy EVER!) is focused on resumes in this interview but his advice could be easily extended to include organizational qualifications and annual progress reports. 

Twist the formula slightly and you get...

division/program strengths = we accomplished x, relative to y, by doing z

So for a CIO's office let's say, accomplishments might go from:

  • Integrated email service
  • Continued cost avoidance activities by consolidating network circuits and data centers
  • Implemented records management system

To the way snazzier...

  • Integrated 5 divisions under a single email system by purchasing a scalable, off-the-shelf solution and offering each participant a share of the savings.
  • Avoided $12 million in annual licensing, hardware renewal, and space costs by consolidating 17 of 40 network circuits and 23 of 87 data centers.
  • Implemented a records management system where no enterprise solution existed previously.  Brought the department into compliance with federal mandates and reduced our collective liability by purchasing a single, common platform to collect, categorize, and archive documents.