the ultimate reorganization recipes

There are as many blog posts out there on how to reorganize as there are chili recipes on Pinterest.  Probably more, actually.  Each has a twist that includes tasty-sounding variations and toppings.  It's that hot.

Here are a couple of my favorite recipes for wrecking havoc on productivity in the name of getting more done better.

  • Straight-forward and wasting no time with an intro for context, this action list from Berkeley challenges the would-be reorganizer to first define the problem.  Bo-ring.
  • Here's a survival guide from Forbes. The fact that there are more than 300,000 similarly titled posts suggests merely mentioning the word "reorganization" triggers a fight or flight response for many.
  • The big guys don't have the luxury of reorganizing in relatively safe obscurity. There are entire blog posts like one from Chitra Nawbatt dedicated to deciphering what's really going on behind the scenes at Microsoft by analyzing their reorg objectives.

The gazillion posts, articles, and reports largely make the same main point.  If you're the reorg-er, begin-- and stick to-- a couple of core objectives.  Move as quickly as possible and communicate with abandon. For the reorg-ee, the advice given to my toddlers during earthquake drills seems appropriate.  Take cover and hold on until the shaking stops. Resilience and flexibility will get you through... until the next one.