Book Report: Rock Your First Job

My friend, Andrew Lavanway, recently wrote and published his first book, Rock Your First Job.  Actually, he's my husband's friend officially but I want to be his friend too.  I'll admit to an itty bitty bias but you know what?  It's really good!  Seriously.

In less than 100 pages, Andrew managed to capture the spectrum of big to small (but all important) behaviors that make a difference early in one's career. Rock Your First Job is easy to read and follow and even pull out as a reference from time to time.

With practical points, I could see this book helping recent grads or folks entering new career fields.  I'd even go as far to say that it could help managers be more clear and objective with their feedback. Now, we could all be better at that!

So obviously I think its a great read.  However, I'm also fascinated by the process of someone saying they're going to write a book, actually writing it, then publishing (in this case through Amazon) for the benefit of many.  So, that part is really cool. 

Knowing the author, the other thing that struck me was that he hit the sweet spot by picking the perfect time in this career to write THIS book.  He's experienced enough in management that he credibly brings the corporate perspective.  But, he's also young enough to recall what it's like to land that first job and struggle to adapt.

It got me thinking that we're all, today, at that sweet spot for something-- bringing the fresh but not raw and experienced by not dusty viewpoint to an issue.  What's yours?