No big picture for big data

I've yet to come across an expert who is able to explain the potential uses, benefits, and risks of "big data" in a big picture sort of way.  Yet, I'm still hopeful and drawn to the headlines like everyone else.  Yesterday, Defense One released this article that amounted to 10th grade book report (complete but lacking insight) by trend-tracking author, Patrick Tucker.

Tucker summarized a report released this week by John Podesta-- an advisor to the administration leading a working group on Big Data and Privacy-- that was supposed to be about the future of big data.  Tucker's piece starts off taking about the typical sources for big data that we all hear about including weather and demographics and the uses we already know around storm tracking and advance notification.  The article then takes a sharp right turn to cover recommendations out of the working group on privacy. 

While related and an interesting debate unto itself, the laundry list of people's should-be rights didn't line up with the headline.  So, the search continues. 

What I'd love to see is a clear (can be long-- that's cool) description of how data from disparate sources can be combined to create interesting insights.  Throw in a handful of case studies and I'd be on big data cloud 9.