Call for investigation into parks

I didn't but probably should have guessed this was coming. Three senators sent a letter yesterday to the Government Accountability Office (GAO) requesting a closer look at National Park Service operations. 

The inquiry stems from widespread concern over the growing deferred maintenance backlog and questions regarding how the efficiently the park system is organized. Not surprisingly, Senator Coburn is one of the three-- his suspicions on the root causes of the backlog and other NPS issues shine through in his October 2013 report, Parked.

If the GAO takes this on, I hope they take a holistic look at the numerous challenges facing parks. Decades of underfunding, lack of certainty in federal priorities, and environmental and economic shifts have all taken a toll on the assets and the experience.  And greater still, one of the biggest issues in ensuring that the more than 400 unites across the country from Yosemite to Monocacy are relevant to and valued by future generations.

NPS is all over this in a good way-- something families, communities, schools, and Congress all could and should jump on board to help.