Dreamy Performance Measures

I was pleasantly surprised. 

Today was the last day of the National Facility Management and Technology (NFMT) 2014 conference and my presentation on performance measures was near the end of the day.

NFMT is a huge show and very popular in the facilities management industry-- a sea of booths was set up and manned (literally) by eager reps selling everything from air handling units to door openers to recycling bins (I had no idea).  It's a little bit of a different crowd than we typically see as federal workers/consultants--with decidedly more facial hair--but they're an earnest, committed bunch none-the-less.

So, what surprised me was that people actually showed up to hear my talk on How to Make All Their Dreams Come True (by improving their metrics), had great questions and counter points, and it ended up being a "not bad at all" experience. Actually, I left pretty psyched about some new connections and discussions that the session sparked. 

Thoughts on how to further this discussion or other good conferences are welcome.