GovExec's snapshot of the 2015 budget request


They say flat is the new up.  With in mind, Defense, Interior and State should be pretty psyched with the President's proposal as shown here in GovExec's snapshot.  President Obama's budget also included a more significant increase for Commerce and small bumps for a handful of other agencies.  The biggest changes can be seen in the cuts at GSA, Justice, and the Small Business Administration. 

GSA's is so dramatic that I'm thinking there must be something going on with how they categorize rental income from federal leases.  The Administrator, Dan Tangherlini, is hosting a conference call at noon tomorrow to discuss.  Surely, he'll shed some light on what's going on there.

The heartening bits-- though I don't dare read too much into these-- are the comments around new initiatives to improve government management and procurement. I'm going to dig a bit to see what they have in mind.