Washingtonians secretly love snow days...

and hurricanes and even the government shut down (to a point). Snow, rough weather, and extreme politics make one day different from the last.  And that is a welcome thing among a people generally feeling stuck-- in traffic, in a home they can't afford to part with, in their well-paying but unfulfilling job.

photo (9).JPG

With this latest March storm, our patience is tested but I still sensed subsurface delight as we scurried around WholeFoods yesterday for storm essentials-- Greek yogurt and Chardonnay. 

Our creativity and resourcefulness as parents is being stretched but many of you are coming through the other side feeling triumphant. Parents of school-age kids report an ironic role reversal.  They're having to deliver pep talks to a savvy set of kids who've realized we're now eating into summer vacation. Parents of toddlers are, well, just trying minimize the damage until nap while acknowledging this little internal voice saying, "however long, you're going to look back fondly on these days."

The snow also bonds us together and adds color (albeit predictable) to our elevator chatter.  Tomorrow at the office, there will be late-arriving people feeling empowered to wear jeans and comfortable shoes who will be a bit more inspired to share an eye-roll and "I'm so over it" convo with a coworker. Joy.

When we're safely into Spring, we'll be looking for the next distraction because I know that secretly, deep down, we love snow days.