Products for Busy Consultant Moms

When things get busy this time of year AND I’m spending more time than usual buying stuff online, I can’t help but think of products that would make life as a working mom easier.

working mama.jpg

Consider this a plea directly to the various industries that produce stuff. A call to action of sorts! Let's not stop at silicone lids that turn any cup into a Sippy or fancy day planners with boxes for everything from account meetings to play dates. No! Let’s come up with some things that would actually save time and face. Here are a couple of things that come to mind.

  • Getting out of the house in the morning is a well-documented struggle. So, I'd like a minivan with air vents that blow hard enough to dry and style hair. Nothing quite says, “I (don’t) have my sh*t together” like showing up at the first meeting of the day with a slicked back drippy do. This blo feature could dramatically cut down the clean-to-commute time. It'd come standard but you could preload all your favorite anti-frizz, shine, and volumizing products. There would be settings for various meeting types—polished presentation day, roll-up-your-sleeves creative brainstorming day, and tousled beach chic day (just because).

  • Product #2 should be easy enough. It is an Excel-based baby book. The cutesy templates always struck me inefficient and incomplete not to mention completely guilt-inducing because I really can’t stand the thought of trying to fill out all of the predetermined categories. No, I don’t remember my baby’s favorite song at 3 months. I DO, however, remember this epic diaper explosion at the mall when I was out of wipes and nowhere near a baby changing station. There’s no page for that one but these are the kind of moments I’d like to share with your future friends. So, a tabular format with sorting and filtering features is the way to go. The spreadsheet could feature multiple children to save data entry time. Adding the ability to tag pictures from my phone would be super. Um, yeah. I’d pay extra in iTunes for that.

  • Another handy one? A silencer for my breast pump. I mean, seriously, Medela. Come on! Especially when firing on both cylinders, those suckers are LOUD. The unmistakable “we-WAH” , we-WAH” limits when you can pump to only those minutes of privacy in between meetings and calls—like those exist. A quieter version (or at least one with a more motivational mantra like, “moreCHOCOLATE, moreCHOCOLATE”) would be appreciated.

Not hard. Let’s get to work.