Rituals and Celebrations

Anyone else recovering from wall-to-wall football yesterday? The Bowls are great but I do miss the era when the games were named for items that could technically be served in a bowl. I get that these are two different concepts but it helped my eight-year-old self make sense of the tradition so I’ve held on to it—sugar, oranges, roses (just pretend for a moment that they're edible).

On the topic of football, I’ve often wondered what it’d be like to come to work and be announced to tens of thousands of cheering people.  Can you imagine? Seriously.  It’d be like… “Here comes Amy from the 4th floor cube area.  She has her coffee and is ready to tackle some email”….and the crowd goes wild.  That’d be so weird.

While there is little in common between my daily work routine and that of a collegiate or professional athlete, there is something to be admired in their rituals and celebrations. They’re there, they’re public, and they’re so much of part of the game that it is sometimes hard to separate planned action from the little things (claps, butt slaps, hops, hugs, and high-fives) players do to pep, console, admonish, or celebrate each other.

The fact that these rituals and celebrations grow organically and sprout spontaneously is what makes it cool—and worth embracing and encouraging around the office. Perhaps another resolution to throw in the mix?

PS- The parade. It was great. Who doesn't love seeing a gazillion flowers glued onto the shape of a monster truck?  But, I have a couple of questions for anyone who might know or venture a guess. Does anyone else recall every single float having a corporate sponsor?  I must not have noticed before but that seemed new.  Also, why were the Property Brothers hosting? They're absolutely adorable but when I heard it announced on HGTV, I assumed they were hosting some home and garden version of the parade but it seems that HGTV sponsored.  Again, new, weird?