Project Management Support for FDA, RFQ: 13-223-SOL-00190

From time to time, I think it'd be interesting to take a closer look at specific bids.  This one came out last week.  With a little digging, I pulled together a couple of references below.  These project management opportunities are prime targets for challenging the status quo.  There are a wide-range of project management office (PMOs) out there-- to the extent that almost every one needs a little be of an introduction to clarify the scope and intent upfront.  Anyhoo, here's just one that might be interesting to explore.  Take a look and let me know that you think might be the buried innovation or opportunity here.  It's a pretty sizable contract-- not huge-- but at nine FTE, this is a significant investment in support for this program.

Former CBERers out there?  Any insights that might help a bidder draft a more targeted response?

Summary:  The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) Center for Biologics Evaluation and Research (CBER) issued an RFP today for Project Management Support Services, 13-223-SOL-00190.  It's a HUBZone set-aside. 3 year, firm fixed price (FFP) contract for an estimated 9 full time equivalents (FTEs). The scope includes governance and general project management support (planning, requirements definition, and reporting).

Firms Doing Business. According to, the following firms have either done work for CBER or were HUBZones for past work with the FDA.

Outside Insights. In addition to insights the firms above may have into the office dynamics and challenges, the Alliance for Stronger FDA published three positives and three concerns on CBER and its sister organization, the Center for Drug Evaluation and Research (CDER). From their assessment, workload may be an issue-- which might translate into challenges overseeing the contract.  

Question. How important is project management process innovation to this client?