Back in the Land of Smart

As you may have gathered from earlier posts, I'm launching two projects --  a federal management consulting business (Craft and Atlas, LLC is one week old today) and this blog on how to make federal management consulting better. The latter is supposed to make the former easier and more fulfilling... or so the logic goes. Most days this blog will be focused but some days I may diverge and share some of the ups and downs of starting a woman-owned small business. This week, technology is just kicking my ass. Exhibit A below. 

There are a lot of things I could (or should) write about this Friday but what is on my mind is my damn phone or lack thereof. It sounds obvious but-- without a smart phone I've been so stupid! A tough way to start a new business.

Flash back to a week ago, I gave my employer-paid iPhone back.  Because the 5S was coming out this week, I was advised to hold my horses and wait.  Not hard, right?  I'm thinking I'm so low maintenance that I'll be fine with whatever.  I just need the line open in case there was an emergency at daycare or a problem with my Zappos delivery.  So, the interim solution was to go to Staples, buy a Go Phone, and swap in my SIM card.  (Let me just pause for a moment to point out that there are three nouns in that previous sentence that I was blissfully unaware of their existence until very, very recently.)  

I impressed myself with my ability to follow directions and get this silly flip phone working (in the checkout line none-the-less) but not as impressed with my inability to remember my voicemail password. I'm thinking-- this is fine because I'll just see the numbers and call people back.  Turns out that this approach is not easy when your contacts aren't loaded and you have no idea who is calling you.  It's obviously way too risky to pick it up and say hello.  You never know.

About every 3 minutes for the rest of the day, I got more and more aggravated.  This continued every waking hour for the next 5 days.  Going backwards from smart to flip is like when the electricity goes out at home but you continue to mindlessly walk around the house trying light switches and suddenly craving microwave popcorn.  It was near constant frustration at not being about to do ANYTHING.

The unlucky around me had to listen to my whining early and often.  My best friend suggested that might be nice "not be so connected" for a little while (as she joyfully added cute outfits to her office wardrobe pinboard right in front of me.) I reached my limit today just before lunch.  I sat for 35 minutes at the wrong restaurant while making my dear neighbor sit for 35 minutes at the right restaurant.  Of course, I would have known which delicious Indian place if I'd ONLY HAD A DECENT PHONE.  

It is needless to say that I was looking forward to today. Friday. New phone day.  My new best friend (there was an opening this week after the incident mentioned above) is Stephanie from the Falls Church AT&T who got me back in the land of smart. 

Oh happy day.

Gracie and Bella posing for the new iPhone 5S  (you can see the relief in their eyes)

Gracie and Bella posing for the new iPhone 5S (you can see the relief in their eyes)