Don't Skip the First Step

Project Management Professionals (PMPs) are everywhere in middle project-managementville.  They’re like frozen yogurt stores—cheery and generic. Because they're so common,  project sponsors don't seek out the best.  Instead, they often snag to the closest one. Unfortunately, in spite of the Project Management Institute's (PMI) tremendous business success in generating a devoted, certified following, projects aren't better off. 

We convince ourselves that more rigorous processes yield more on time, on budget results—or at least trigger flashing red warning signs when we’re about to go over either one (which we ALWAYS do).  The problem lies in the projects we take on.  

There must be a better way. How about we...

  1. Take on issues worth solving.  
  2. Chunk them into do-able, logical pieces-- let's call those projects.  
  3. Engage technical super stars to do the hard work.  Ask them to work hard and be nice to them. 
  4. Spend more time in one-on-one conversations making friends, extolling the benefits, and figuring out what to offer in return for their undying love and affection