Living Plan B

If you're a management consultant like me, you're probably working "career plan b". I'm talking way back like to "I wanna be a X when I grow up." 

Of course, plans change.  A lot of people out there were recruited from grad school (or even undergrad) to some of the big consulting firms.  You were likely targeted though because of your computer science, finance, marketing, or general business degree-- not because you envisioned yourself sitting across the table from a client as their consultant. This is a relatively young, niche industry that still (after 30 years) isn't the first choice professional track for most.  All of us thought we'd be doing something else.  

Most days I enjoy my work and sometimes even marvel at how I lucked into this business. But it strikes me as odd that so many of us have passions that lie elsewhere.  How many times have you heard someone wistfully say something like, “Well, I was going to be an X (insert your favorite liberal arts degree here) but there were no jobs when I graduated.”

This reality isn't particularly problematic in good business times.  But with serious national debate on the role and size of government, the resource pool seems a little shallow.  How about you?  Are you sticking around to see what’s next or are you putting serious thought into how to reunite with Plan A.