RFP process- ripe for pickin'

The Request For Proposal (RFP) process is central to all federal consulting procurement, of course.  This makes it ripe for pickin' when one goes looking for ways to improve client/consultant interaction.

In a sincere effort to legally and ethically protect the interests of federal agencies-- and ultimately the people and programs they serve-- the Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR) lays out the RFP rules.  Then, humans (contracting staff on both sides and their technical buyers) get involved.  Like other regulations, some are strict and unbending (example: pricing) and others leave more room for interpretation (example:  post-award debriefs).

When thinking of ways to improve the RFP process, the FAR in and of itself isn't the problem. Fear and lack of understanding are. With increased awareness around where the opportunities are to build innovation (legally) into the RFP process, federal agencies get better services.