Creating a Professional Bucket List

FastCompany took a break from its normal deluge of articles on productivity and let this little gem from Laura Vanderkam slip in. She outlines some practical steps to creating a better bucket list and includes a great quote about making your list about a "way to live" instead of a massive to do list before you die.  Interesting.

My thought is why not include some work stuff on your bucket list?  What are the kind of problems you'd like to say that you tackled (maybe not solved) but got to know in a much more intimate way?  What organizations do you find fascinating who might benefit from one of your skills?  I feel like I lucked into some very fulfilling work with both the National Park Service and the Smithsonian. Looking back-- if I'd had the vision-- I would have definitely included these two organizations.  There are lots more.

Personally, I'd love to work with the Department of Education on addressing the terrible physical condition of schools across the country.  It's a really tough, complex facilities problem that I think would yield such great results for kids.

Creating a professional bucket list could be a great "add" to your firm's strategic marketing plan for the year.  Why not pick a handful of interesting problems, develop an approach, find some connections, and see how far you get.  It might just be the best way to get more satisfaction out of your work week.