Parting ways in a parking lot last week, my sister nonchalantly stuffed six months worth of old magazines into the back of my car. Not old but, you know, past issues she’d read. I’m drowning in my own neglected subscriptions but I took them with a smile and a weak “thanks”. It’s such a Smith girl thing to do, by the way—part sharing her enjoyment, part competitive decluttering.

Turns out, they’ve come in handy this week as our 2-year-old’s body clock didn’t get the memo on daylight savings time. Anyone else rocking out to Elmo on the iPad at 4:40am? Looking for something productive to do while my coffee kicked in, I grabbed the recycle bin and tackled the stack. 

I was immediately able to toss all of the Ladies Home Journals and Oprahs. I can't worry right now about which mom jeans are the most slimming and have enough f'ing gratitude to last me like five lifetimes, so I’m all set there. (*Please note- My sister claims she didn’t chose these particular magazines.  They just started showing up.)  Anyway…

To my delight, there were a bunch of Food+Wines. Like many of you, I’m sure, these are two of my favorite things.  Flipping through, I’ve savored each page. A fine approach because, lord knows, I’m never making any of this shit. As much as I love to cook, I don’t see anything made with mentaiko (I had to look it up too) and enoki mushrooms coming out of my kitchen until my toddler's palettes graduate from college. Either way, the beautiful pictures of good-looking people (but not too good-looking to be believable) drinking wine in interesting places got me thinking.

I need to start Consulting+Wine.

It’s really a very natural combination, just like food. Almost all of us in this business are driven to drink—not so much by our clients but by the crazy, silly self-imposed rules and best practices and marketing strategies and performance assessments and other crap we do. 

I’m going to collect photos of gorgeous deliverables that, like the fancy recipes, no one will ever actually make. Each will have a wine pairing. It might go something like… “with this meaty stakeholder engagement plan, keep it fresh with a 2011 Beaujolais”.  Or “working on a medium-priority data conversion plan? Try this medium-bodied cabernet franc.” Or, “spice up your 5-year Strategic Plan with this hot little sauvignon blanc from New Zealand.”

You get the idea.  Cheers!

Snapped at  Elizabeth's Gone Raw  in September right before an amazing, totally raw vegan meal with my sisters.

Snapped at Elizabeth's Gone Raw in September right before an amazing, totally raw vegan meal with my sisters.