Role Tide Wisdom

I'm an Alabama fan by birth, Notre Dame fan by marriage. Luckily (in my family, it least) these two religions can peacefully coexist.  I use the term "fan" loosely and with no disrespect to actual football fans. Despite my sincere resolutions each fall to pay attention, this year (again) I would have to look up who each is playing in their next game and wouldn't know the names of many key players.

So, I was delighted when the lone sports guy on NPR had a quote from Nick Saban yesterday.  The story he relayed was of another reporter asking Coach Saban if he'd seen the recent cover of  Sports Illustrated featuring one of his players. He had not and politely (ha!) explained that he didn't have time for news.  Apparently, the only thing he watches is the Weather Channel to know whether or not they'll practice inside or out.

You gotta admire the focus and it's hard to argue with the record.

At the time of this post, things aren't looking good for Chattanooga.  28-0 at the half.  Ouch.