Show Me the Money

Cliché, I know but ..that movie is adorable and after welcoming our first little darling a couple of years ago, I have no current pop culture references. Send coffee and Netflix suggestions, asap!

Anyway… compensation.  There is no downside to creating a federal, merit-based pay system. Sure development and implementation would be difficult but so are all things worth doing. And none of us are getting any younger so let’s get on with it! I adore the feds in my life and see many, many hard-working, committed people get the same blanket, imprecise rewards (or not) each year. It’s sucks.

Study after study report decreasing federal employee morale, agency challenges in attracting top talent, and general frustration with the workforce’s productivity and impact.

Further, there is a huge opportunity to implement reform in parallel with the often-reported waves of federal retirements. The government needs to reinvent itself and implementing merit-based pay would be a single, strong move towards improving both real and perceived problems with productivity and available talent.

There are no good arguments for against changing the current crappy, outdated approach. Any concerns raised tie to potential implementation risks that would have to be managed—but they’re no excuse for not doing anything.

I understand there are pilot programs underway which is great.  Let's pull those lessons learned and build out.  The timing is perfect. What a great New Year’s Resolution for 2014!