Best Status Report Ever

Planning to muddle through and deliver a boring, confusing, non-update update in your next status meeting?  Of course not!  None of us plan to suck but we do.  Often.  When it comes to recurring meetings, I rarely think about what I’m going to say before the Outlook reminder pops up 15 minutes beforehand.  Embarrassing to admit, yes.  But based on the few hundred status meetings I’ve sat through, I suspect a lot of people do the same.  We’re too busy to prioritize preparation.  Whaah.  Plus, the bar is set so low that it doesn’t really matter, does it?

With this in mind, I submit to you the best status report ever. 

Now, nothing about Brigadier General Paul Kennedy’s job is regular, not-so-important, or boring.  In fact, he’s participating in one of the most important recovery projects going on in our world today—getting aid to those desperately in need following Philippines typhoon.  His update on NPR this morning is super fantastic.  Take a listen here.

A couple of things stick out.  It’s just a great summary—easy to listen to and follow. He’s clear and succinct. While prompted by a predictable set of questions, he presents the facts, described the recovery approach, emphasizes the team effort—without being gratuitous or patronizing—and outlines the challenges in the days ahead.  The message is fact-based with no fumbling for the words he thinks the audience wants to hear. His command of the information, ability to vividly describe the scene (important for a radio audience), sprinkling of personal observations/expertise, confidence in the approach, and no-nonsense assessment of the challenges to come are just awesome.

While few of us (fortunately, right?) have the responsibility for something as important as the recovery team does, what a better day we’d all have if each meeting started with a similar-in-style update.