Making a Statement

Dear Anti Gov- Well, hello there!  How YOU doin’? I was hoping our cars would sync up across the bridge at the light so we could chat. Alas, we were headed in different directions (probably in more ways than one).

Mystery man with ANTI GOV plates.

Mystery man with ANTI GOV plates.

I’m fascinated. Who are you and what inspired you to secure this sassy, state-issued license plate?  Is it fun or infuriating to know that a government employee typed this into her government tracking system? I don’t know whether I’m more surprised that VA issued it or that there weren’t already thousands of variations and combinations out there. Anyhow, well done locking this one down before the rush.

My imagination is running wild.  Where you born this way or did you sour after a bad breakup with a fed? Did Secretary Sebelius dump you? I could see how that would be heartbreaking. Surely, yesterday’s hearing had to make you feel a little better. Maybe it wasn’t a breakup.  Did the motorcade run over your ferret? Ugh, that would be totally awful-- even if it made for a great story and probably inclusion on the White House’s generic Christmas card list.

With your latte and iPhone, it looked like you were headed into city. For work. I can’t imagine that this plate doesn’t generate somewhat awkward conversations in the elevator at your office. I will say that your greige sport coat looked smart in your greige Jeep. Like you, I enjoy matching my car’s interior but matching the exterior too? That’s just showing off.

You didn’t leave me many other clues.  No bumper stickers, no luggage rack, no stick figure family. So, what’s your deal? If you’re out there, convo me!