natural vs. man-made

I had THE sweetest old man for driver’s ed in high school.  This was back in the day when Montgomery County offered driving as an elective before you applied for your license.  There were a lot of great things about the class—the simulators with the totally dated 1960s films, all my friends were there, and the “academics” weren’t especially challenging.  I remember the teacher talking about natural vs. man-made laws.  He warned that you might get away with speeding now and then but if you take a turn too fast on a slick road, you WILL end up in a ditch.

As a new business starter, I’ve been spending time thinking/speculating/daydreaming about what is core to the business vs. a bureaucratic set of practices that accumulate as big companies make policies around small problems.

Clearly, there are layers of oversight that can be streamlined (or eliminated in my case). Progress reports and tag-up meetings can be canceled (despite warnings of dire consequences from the Project Management Institute (PMI)).

However, compromised work quality, lack of responsiveness to a client, or failure to bring the very best idea to the table are inexcusable.  Obvious, right?  What I find amazing though is how the most successful among us use and advance these natural consulting laws to their advantage.  A good reminder when you’re sorting the “must do” from everything else.