combine, colocate, cash in?

Wouldn't it be better if pedicure shops served wine and were open a wee bit later during the week?  A place like this in Tysons would be slammed because it appeals to our core urges to multi-task-- socialize, drink wine, maybe talk a little shop AND get your toes done?  Bliss.  Along similar lines, it'd be great if they had sports bar Laundromats-- with a slightly different target demographic. What about a dog shelter on one of our local trails? Dogs make walking/running/prancercise better.  They'd benefit from the exercise and a little one-on-one attention... and who knows, there might even been a love connection.

Anyway, today I've been thinking of all kinds of businesses that have spent decades focusing on enhancing their core competency-- only to be disappointed in the bottom line results.  Maybe that time would be better invested by linking up with someone else meeting a complementary need?

Any less-than-obvious consulting combos come to mind? Group therapy and organizational realignment? Strategic communications and presentation coaching?  Catering and meeting facilitation? 

Have a great weekend!