Trends in set-asides

Set-asides express the client's desire to work with a certain type of business.  Typically, set-asides are shaped by the firms themselves during marketing.  The message to the client is, "Hey, we have a match here between what you need and what we can do.  If you set aside the contract, it'll narrow the competition and, ultimately, help you look good for supporting a growing business."

From the contract data I pulled yesterday from, I took a closer look at the trends around set-asides.  Not surprisingly, the overall contract numbers are down since the high in 2008.  

usaspending,gov, award data from 2008-2013

usaspending,gov, award data from 2008-2013

8A competed, total small business, and service disabled veteran-owned are all up.  Woman-owned and economically disadvantaged woman-owned are up slightly.  I didn't flag these because the overall total is less significant. The rest are down or flat. 

Does this track with what you're seeing in your market?