Stuck in Traffic

Sali Swalla,   Pansies Every Day

Sali Swalla, Pansies Every Day

On the radio this morning, the traffic report was a bit off. I’m not sure if it was an out-of-towner subbing in or an unpaid intern having some fun but they were citing jams at major intersections around the metro area that don’t exist. While puzzling (and then a bit comical), it made me wonder how much it matters to know the precise reason why you’re stuck in DC traffic. You’re stuck. It’s everywhere, every morning. I actually suspect that most DJs recycle talking points that someone wrote up in the late 90s—Kenilworth Ave, Dale City, and “the 270 split” are super popular, recurring traffic report stars.

When our professional lives idle, it’s the same. There are probably dozens of little reasons we’re feeling stuck. They’re likely the same or similar to the blips, hassles, and frustrations that were irritating last month, quarter, year. I was reminded by a friend this morning that taking a step back and looking at the big picture is key. Finding ways to reconnect with our purpose each day—regardless of the little jams we’re in—brings perspective and energy to keep moving forward.