Let's quit the pant suit, shall we?

Something a little bit lighter for this Friday...

If you don't have a closet full of pant suits in various shades of gray, made of everything from wool to recycled Diet Coke bottles, you probably won't get much out of this post. They've accumulated over the course of your career because you add 1 or 2 a couple times a year but only the most hideous ever get the boot.

Pant suits suck. They're bland, boring, and totally unforgiving of the most minute fluctuations in weight. Nothing can ruin your day like getting into your car in the morning and having your lined, creased pants strain because of a couple extra cookies that were needed to survive last week's proposal.

Devotees will argue on behalf of professionalism and ease of getting out of the house in the morning (probably the best "pro" argument). That's fine but if you're counting on your outfit alone to convey power and polish or keep you on schedule, there might be some other issues to address.

There are a lot of good reasons to break the mold here that will benefit your business and professional image. Suits have a genericiz-ing impact on our brains and immediately set low expectations among clients that anything original (or amazing even) is about to happen.

So, let's just be done with them. With some cloths-savvy, smart, and beautiful colleagues (KF and CS), we created this board on Pinterest-- conference room couture.  It's not really couture but you know. This is just a start-- there is so much more to add.  Pop a link into the comments section and I'll add it.  Please join us and share some cute outfit ideas as you find them. 

Have a great weekend!