Hi ho, hi ho...

Relieved?  I am.  Where were you when you heard the news?  I got the good word from a text string with my sisters and a couple of friends evaluating the pros and cons of a particular outfit. Between "oh, that's so cutes", our dutiful librarian friend (yes, a friend who's a librarian- she's real) from the Library of Congress (also real) casually mentioned that she was looking forward to the return to her routine.

WHAT? I've been wasting my time checking NPR and online news sources and I find out from Kim. Via Text. Anticlimactic to say the least.

But, whatever, I'll take it. So, here we go... back to work.  At least, we're pretty sure but no one is to jump the gun and show up until it's official, official.  Fine.

So, while I'm waiting...

There are a couple of things I've noticed about the delicate state of our businesses, our broader political system, and my enduring distaste for CNN (I officially unfriended them last week because of their consistently crappy reporting. Way too disturbing and random.)

While I don't think anyone has the stomach for a repeat of this nonsense in January, we should all diversify.  Like now. 

I'm still popping over Michael Fertik's silly post from last week. The irony is that he's calling for disruption in the face of the greatest disruption in 17 years.  Guess he had a different flavor in mind. 

CNN = terrible, Huffington Post = tolerable.  Though, I don't get why their site has to be so messy.  Why is everything is a link? It's annoying.

If I sound grouchy in light of the positive turn of events, I am-- a little.  But, don't worry, I'll be over it tomorrow.  Turns out that I'm super anxious to get back to my routine too.  In all of this, what I learned about myself is that I desperately need a routine with dedicated time to read, write, connect, respond, chat, make stuff, throw stuff away, and just cross stuff off.

Hi ho!