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The world has been treated to insights on DC's own imported "crazy" over the last two weeks.  While there are glimmers of progress this afternoon-- specifically Congress was asked to stick around this weekend--we're ending week two of the government shutdown.

I've tried to refrain from piling on this week simply because I couldn't think of anything original to add.  Actually, that's not true.  I've said, "this is f'ing unbelievable" like 34,000 times to anyone who didn't beat me to the punch.

This is prime, front-yard drama for those of us around the Beltway.  That's not to say that we're entitled to any more frustration that the rest of the country but the stalemate has been all-consuming because it seems like everyone I know is impacted.

Last week, I was happy to hear that our clients would likely be paid.  After the vote in the House, I naively assumed that that meant we'd be back to work tout suite. Because, after all, it literally makes no sense to pay people to stay home during a fight about the budget.  Wrong-o.

As I feel myself starting down this well-worn rant, I'll veer back to just say that the broken-ness on display within the legislative branch is just part of the larger problem.  For better or worse, its a little trickier to pinpoint the source of stand-offs that stall progress within the executive branch/cabinet agencies.

I'm optimistic.  I really am.  I'm guessing the feds are going to come back ready to go and will likely have the most productive fall on record because there is so much lost ground to reclaim.  Fingers crossed.