I share idea kernels here and you make them pop.

These little analytics, great graphics, sticky stats, and story structures may help you move your work from "thanks, I'll take a look" to "wow, I want to see more." Sadly, most of our federal program reports, reviews, and recommendations are boring as hell. Actually, it's worse than that.  They're loaded down with extra stuff that has the unintended effect of burying the accomplishments and confusing the challenges.

As the primary way we communicate, our written products can be a lot better. I'm on the constant lookout for little things to enhance my own contributions as a federal management consultant. My hope in sharing them is that you'll find a way to use them too. Together, we can change the impact and memorability through better design, more precise analysis, and clearer communications.

Goviepop was founded by me, Robin Camarote.  This effort is one that comes from my heart and a sincere belief that our government serves a critical purpose. By sharing my perspective on this blog, I hope to engage you in the discussion on how we can do better, together.

My Story

Me, my kitchen, my favorite notebook.

Me, my kitchen, my favorite notebook.

Hey there.  I’m Robin Camarote-- a federal management consultant living in Falls Church, Virginia with my husband, our daughters and son (arrived on 5/26/14), a couple of white shepherd sisters, and one wild ass cat who thinks he runs the whole show. And it is a crazy, chaotic, delightful show.

I’m been in federal consulting for my entire career.  I have worked for oodles of clients on lots of different kinds of projects including federal facilities management, program/project management, change management, and, well, you get the idea… management, management, management.

I adore my family, running, cooking, and anything four-legged.  I have never felt tied down to one hair color, can barely close my dresser drawers, and love looking at before and after pictures of any kind.


Featured Art

I love art and admire the people who invest time and energy in their own unique, creative process. Permission has been granted by the artist for all work featured on this site. What has been amazing (though not really surprising) that every single artist contacted has not only agreed but done so with kindness, generosity, and encouragement. All of these artists are living, thinking, creating, selling, and then getting up again the next day to start all over.  

Of course, the art is theirs, the opinions are mine. I select each piece based on visual appeal and ability to spark some connection (at least in my mind) to the point I'm trying to make. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  If you have any suggested "adds", please contact me.  Thanks!